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Common Electrical Equipment Name
2019-10-18 10:28:29

What do you know about the names of our common electrical equipment? Below is one example of  shock current generator manufacturer, let's take a look at it!

1 Power transformer

A static device with two or more windings, in order to transmit electric energy, converts the AC voltage and current of one system into the voltage and current of another system by electromagnetic induction at the same frequency. Usually, the values of these currents and voltages are related to different testing instruments.

2  Oil-immersed type transformer

The core and the windings are immersed in the knowledge of the transformer test instrument in the oil.

 3  Dry-type transformer

The core and the windings are not immersed in the knowledge of the transformer test instrument in the insulating liquid.

4  Neutral terminal

For three-phase transformer or three-phase group composed of single-phase transformer, it refers to the terminal connecting star connection or bend connection common point (neutral point), and for single-phase transformer refers to the terminal test instrument connected to the neutral point of network.

5  Winding

A set of line turn testing instruments that constitute an electrical circuit corresponding to a voltage value marked by a transformer.

6  Tapping

In a transformer with a tap winding, each tap connection of the winding represents the number of effective turns of the tap winding with a definite value, and also indicates that there is a definite turn number ratio of the number of turns to the test instrument between the tap winding and any other windings with the same number of turns.

7  Non-uniform insulation of a transformer winding

When the neutral terminal of transformer winding is directly or indirectly grounded, the insulation level of the neutral point terminal is lower than that specified by the line terminal.

8  Uniform insulation of a transformer winding

All transformer windings connected to terminals have the same knowledge of rated insulation level testing instruments.

9  Shunt inductor

The reactor connected to the system is mainly used to compensate the knowledge of capacitance current testing instrument.

10 Arc-suppression coil

The single-phase reactor between the neutral point of the system and the earth is used to compensate the relevant knowledge of the grounding capacitance current testing instrument caused by the single-phase grounding fault of the system.

11 Instrument transformer

It refers to the knowledge of current transformer, electromagnetic voltage transformer, capacitive voltage transformer and combined transformer (including single-phase combined transformer and three-phase combined transformer). Because the combined transformer is composed of current transformer and electromagnetic voltage transformer, the related tests refer to the relevant knowledge of current transformer and voltage transformer project test instrument.

12 Voltage transformer

Comprises an electromagnetic voltage transformer and a capacitance type voltage transformer, and if not particularly, the voltage transformer generally refers to the relevant knowledge of the electromagnetic voltage transformer test instrument.

13 Grounding electrode

Knowledge of metallic conductor test instruments buried in the ground and in direct contact with earth.

14 Grounding conductor

Knowledge of metal conductive part testing instruments for connecting grounding terminals of electrical devices and facilities to grounding electrodes.

15 Grounding connection

The sum of the grounding wires and the grounding electrodes tests the knowledge of the instrument.

16 Grounding grid

For power plants composed of vertical and horizontal grounding electrodes, the substation uses a large type of horizontal mesh grounding device with both discharge and voltage sharing.

17 Large-scale grounding connection

110kV and above voltage grade substations, installed capacity in 200MW and above thermal power plants and hydropower plants or equivalent plane area of 5000m2 and above grounding device testing equipment related knowledge.

The above is the content of the large current generator manufacturer as an example. If you like them, just to save as collection.

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