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    Automatic Varistor Test System

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    Automatic Varistor Test System
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    2019-08-30 16:52:38

Technical Specification

Input power: 220V/2kVA,50/60Hz Output AC test voltage: 2000V

Test current: 100μA~5mA

GDT test voltage: 1500V

Rising speed: 100V/s, rising from the originally set voltage

DC voltage measurement accuracy: ±2% DC current measurement accuracy: ±2%

Power supply Single phase, AC 50Hz Power: 2kVA

Single-phase isolation transformer: 2kVA Rotary station

Rotary diameter: 1000mm

The rotary lie on 4 stations homogeneously, and each station can place 3 products abreast

The rotary’s exchanging interval of the station is no more than 2s

DC breakdown voltage Output: 100V/s

Max.: 1500V



The automatic varistor  test system is mainly designed to measure the varistor voltage and leakage current of varistors, which can output 100V/s to test the GDT product.


IEC61643.11, GB18802.1, YD/T1235.2, other national standards and customer specified

Advantages and Features

(1)With two-dimension code printing and scanning system

(2)24 hours a day, 365 days a year to run

(3)Full automation

(4)Gripping products automatically

(5)Test products in transmission automatically

(6)Automatic test

(7)Automatic scan

(8)Reading test data automatically

(9)Processing data automatically

(10)Saving report automatically

(11)Function modules’ selection and designation according to customers’ requirements

(12)Measuring and handling three products at the same time

(13)Excluding the manufacture line or printing the specific messages about the unqualified products


Automatic Varistor Test System for Citel