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    Digital Partial Discharge Detector

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    Digital Partial Discharge Detector
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    2019-09-04 18:24:56

Technical Specification

Capacitance range of test product: 6pF~250μF Detection sensitivity:<0.02pC ( at 50pf capacitance) Amplifier: 3dB lower frequency(f1 10,20、40、50、

80kHz) and 3db high frequency (fh 100, 200, 300, 400, 500kHz) can be chosen optionally. Gain adjustable range is greater than 120dB. The gain difference between each grade is 20±1dB.The response asymmetry of positive and negative impulse is less than 1dB.

Time window: The window width is 1°~360°and the window position can be rotated freely.

Test voltage meter: 0--200kV. Displaying error of digital meter: <3%F.S.

Collection channel: 4 channels/card

Input impedance: 1MΩ

The highest sampling rate of DAQ card: 20MHz AD Resolution ratio:12 bit; DC Accuracy:0.2% The sampling length of each channel: 8M Triggering mode: manual, external and internal


Bandwidth of DAQ card: 3MHz(-3dB) Weight: about 15kgs.

Digital partial discharge detector

GTJZF-9 Calibration Pulse Generator


Digital partial discharge detector GTPD-2013 is applicable for measuring the partial discharge of various electrical apparatus, such as power & distribution transformers, instrument transformers, HV switch gears, lightning arrester, power cables, etc. It is designed for offline test.

Advantages and Features

(1)By using high-speed and large-capacity DAQ card, it can acquire partial discharge data continuously with good reproducibility and high accuracy.

(2)With unique anti-interference mode to attenuate the space interference of field test.

(3)Multi-functions, such as test analysis

(multi-parameter analysis, two dimensional spectrum analysis, three dimensional spectrum analysis), data storage, report generation and printing, etc.

(4)Display the waveform of partial discharge (ellipse, sine wave and linear), partial discharge level and test voltage.

(5)In the process of rectifying and testing, it can adjust the gain automatically without human intervention. Meanwhile, it is easy to operate.

(6)Adaptation to different power sources with 50Hz power frequency, 150Hz third harmonic generation or 400Hz power.

(7)Open-window and open-door can be set freely minimum to one degree.

(8)With small volume and light weight

(9)Suitable for for the scientific research and field test, such as electric power department and the factory workshop,

(10)With high sensitivity and wide application of test object.


Display of PD Level