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    GW36580 Vector Network Analyze Device

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    GW36580 Vector Network Analyze Device
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    2019-09-04 19:03:03

Technical Specification

Frequency characteristic

Range: 300kHz3GHz; Accuracy: ±0.5ppm

Resolution ratio: 1Hz

Power source requirement

Range: -85+5 dBm; Scan range: 20dB

Resolution ratio: ±1.2dB

Port damage level

≥26dBm radio-frequency power or 30V DC

Dynamic range after calibration

≥123dB 300KHz ~ 3KHz


the DNAL ≤-110dBm (300kHz3GHz)

The system indicators should no less than the following data after calibration

Frequency range

Transmission track

Reflect track

Effective direction

Effective source matching

Effective load matching


This vector network analyze device is a

high-performance radio frequency integrated device. It has wide range of measurement function:

Vector network analyze for wireless communication and cable television, education, automotive electronics;

Performance measurement of filter, amplifier, antenna, cable, cable television tapping point and some other RF components.

It can quickly and accurately measure the amplitude, phase and group delay of the EUT S-parameter.


IEC61643.1-2011 , GB18802, other national standards and customer specified



Advantages and Features

(1)With efficient and powerful error correction capability.

(2)With a measuring speed 90ms’ greatly enhance the efficiency of production and scientific research

(3)0.005dB trace noise ensure a higher measurement precision

(4)One-touch operation will ease the measure set and make the work more efficiency

(5)64 independent measuring channels to execute complex test solutions rapidly

(6)With the function of domain analysis

(7)Designed with standard parallel ports of LAN,USB,GPIB and VGA display port

(8)Window XP computer system

(9)Equipped with a 8.4 inches nature color high resolution LCD screen

(10)Up to 32 windows and 8 curves for each window